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Expert Medical Witness


With over 35 years in Practice, Dr. Sonstein's credentials as an expert witness have never been challenged.

Court Ready

Dr. Sonstein's role in the courtroom is to educate the jury about the issues at hand and not to advocate for either party.

Attention To Detail

In litigation, the details make all the difference. Failure to do so can derail your case. Dr. Sonstein uses his experience as a Neurosurgeon to focus on the minutiae of your case to assist in achieving a successful outcome.


Dr. Sonstein has served as an Expert Witness in matters related to the Spine, Brain, Back, and more. 

Dr. Sonstein's services include serving as a treating or non-treating expert, providing a second opinion, performing an IME, preparation of rebuttal reports, preparing a narrative report, or appearing in court.


An unnecessarily detailed report is of no use unless the key personnel can understand it. Dr. Sonstein's report will be clear and professional for the benefit of the attorney, the patient, and the court.


Our office is committed to making sure your needs are understood and being addressed in a timely fashion. Dr. Sonstein is available for direct communication by email, phone, or in person.

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